Afghan civilians and entitled personnel left Kabul Airport on Royal Air Force flights over the weekend.

Located west of the Afghan capital, it’s a place where men and women go from soldier to leader

More than 300 British peacekeepers recently patrolled local towns and villages. Here’s what that looked like…

📸 Take a look at what a 28-day patrol in Mali looks like👇

An F-35B fast jet takes off from the flight deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The UK’s aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales have completed simultaneous fast jet operations for the first time

From left to right: HMS Tamar and HMS Spey.

Patrol ships HMS Tamar and Spey have recently left Portsmouth as they embarked on their five year deployment to the Indo-Pacific region

Image of SkyGuardian flying through cloud
Image of SkyGuardian taken from GA-ASI

The RAF’s future Remotely Piloted Aircraft takes to UK skies

1. Where will SkyGuardian fly in the UK?

SkyGuardian will only fly in approved areas once it has taken off. It will not fly at low altitude over population centres and a complete safety risk assessment has taken place for all flights.

From left to right: Lieutenant George, Able Rate Maca and PTI Chris.

In the latest episode of our podcast, join our three participants as they discuss life onboard HMS Montrose in the Gulf

☕️ Welcome to a behind the scenes look at the thirteenth episode of our podcast.

Today join Lieutenant George, Able Rate Maca and Physical Training Instructor (PTI) Chris, who are currently serving onboard HMS Montrose in the Gulf.

UK troops back from Kabul, Afghanistan

Personnel from the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force arrived back in the UK after the conclusion of Operation PITTING

Lieutenant Colonel Caesar is currently in Afghanistan supporting the ongoing efforts at Kabul Airport as a Trauma and Orthopaedic surgeon

A group of people walk into a small room. 2 male and 2 female military personnel are standing at tables.

Squadron Leader Bird is responsible for the passenger handling facility at Kabul Airport. She explains the process from check-in to take-off

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