Project Delivery Recruitment Campaign

The Ministry of Defence is launching its first Project Delivery Pan-Defence Recruitment Campaign and is looking for talented people to work in the Project Delivery Profession in project manager roles.

The Recruitment Campaign will launch in September for a variety of Project Manager roles at numerous Ministry of Defence locations. Get ready to apply by creating an account and registering your details on the Civil Service Jobs page; set up an alert for HEO and SEO roles in the Ministry of Defence (key words Project Delivery) and be the first to know when the advert is live, and you can apply.

Bring your project delivery expertise, and we’ll provide opportunities for you to develop your skills across a wide range of innovative projects. Whether it’s rolling out a new class of ship or knowing how to escape a failing submarine, it all starts with feasibility studies and spreadsheets. From every item of basic equipment — to living quarters, training facilities and systems upgrades, to the most complex, cutting-edge technology imaginable — each new project brings unique possibilities and challenges. We’ll ensure you’re equipped to rise to every new challenge, with a range of training and development opportunities.

It takes all kinds of people to help protect the nation. This is an extremely exciting time to be working in Defence as a Project Delivery professional. We may not be on the frontline, but our impact is seen and felt across the whole of the UK and beyond. One of our Project Delivery professionals provided the following quote which captures the Profession:

“I think I’ve always been fascinated with the Department, especially as it holds such a large proportion of the Government Major Projects Portfolio (GMPP). Also, the people are great, I have been lucky enough to come across some amazingly skilled Project Delivery professionals within MOD”. Saloni Sanghvi Project Director​, Future of Human Resources Systems​

The Ministry of Defence is an excellent choice for anyone interested in developing their Project Management career. For example, we provide the opportunity to:

There is more to the Defence Enterprise than the Armed Forces often seen in the media. Protecting the Nation requires an extended team of professionals who both enable the front line to do their jobs and contribute to matters of State so that we secure the future prosperity of the United Kingdom.

With responsibility for delivering a significant proportion of the Government’s major projects portfolio, the scale and scope of projects can be huge or small, generalist or specialist and national or international — all whilst working with a wide array of stakeholders and partners.

Defence invests in its staff to ensure individuals have the opportunity for personal growth. This includes providing pathways for professional qualification, fostering a culture focused on wellbeing and inclusion, and supporting career progression.

There are more than 60 jobs being advertised across multiple business areas within the Ministry of Defence. We have got a variety of exciting, and interesting Project Manager roles, you will have the chance to work on fast-paced and complex projects at the heart of UK Defence. If you would like an insight into the day-to-day experiences of our Project Delivery professionals, click here to hear from our Defence Project Delivery Heroes

You can also find out more about how to apply at Civil Service Jobs and the specific project delivery application process outlined below.

How to Apply for a Project Manager role in the Ministry of Defence

We use Success Profiles in our recruitment which were introduced to help simplify the way people apply for jobs in the Civil Service. Success Profiles are a more flexible way of assessing candidates for specific jobs. They bring together different elements to give us a fuller picture of a candidate.

For our Project Manager recruitment campaign we will be using these elements of Success Profiles:

· Behaviours — the things people do that result in effective performance.

· Experience — the knowledge or mastery of a subject gained by doing.

We will also ask for your CV and a personal statement about why you will be great in one of our Project Delivery roles. More details will be in the job advert.

Here are five tips to help you put together a great application.

We can only go on what you put on the page. If something is implicit to your role, we may spot it, but it’s much better to make it obvious. For example, if you’re telling us about your employment history, don’t just tell us where you worked, and for how long. Tell us what you did there and what impact you made.

Use every opportunity to show us that you have the required skills and experience. That’s all we have to assess you on. Make our decision as easy as possible by demonstrating that you’ve got what we’re looking for.

We often get CVs that don’t go into enough detail, and as a result the candidate misses the opportunity to evidence their experiences. We want to know about you — what makes you tick, what your successes are, and what skills you’ve learned.

A CV is used to provide the sift panel insight into your career to date. We’re keen to learn more about where you’ve worked in the past, your responsibilities and experience you’ve gained. Your CV should clearly set out your full career history, starting with the most recent role first.

Focus your CV on the relevant skills you’ve gained from each role you’ve held and how this can translate to the role you are applying for.

Your CV shouldn’t be too long, 1–2 pages is plenty.

You should also remove any personal information from your CV that could identify you. This includes your name/title, educational institutions, age, gender, email address, postal address, phone number and nationality/immigration status.

Recruiting in this way is called ‘Name-Blind’ recruitment. It means we recruit based on your knowledge and skills, and not on your background, gender or ethnicity.

It’s important that you can demonstrate how you can fit into a team. Make sure you provide evidence of how you collaborate with others, and how you’ve adapted to different situations. Demonstrate a mix of your own achievements and your collaboration with other people.

The ability to learn and adapt is critical. The ideal applicant sees government as a challenge and is excited about the opportunity to change peoples’ lives through user-centred design. Tell us about your passion to improve your skills and professionalise further.

Need more help with Success Profiles? You can find out more on Success Profiles — GOV.UK (



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