Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives (OME) Level 6 Apprenticeship

The OME apprenticeship offers the opportunity to undertake a Level 6 degree in Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives, whilst gaining valuable work experience and being in paid employment with support throughout the duration of the scheme.

The roles for apprentices will be split between coursework in support of the BEng Degree qualification and on the job training as part of their professional development. Apprentices will work with experienced professionals from a high hazard engineering environment which will enable apprentices to develop the technical skills and behaviours required for their career. As apprentices develop, we will give them the opportunity to support some of the projects being taken forward by our current team of professionals, and we will assign job placements across the business that will improve knowledge and understanding of the wider Defence Nuclear Enterprise (DNE) and Ministry of Defence (MoD) business. Apprentices will also complete several work-based training placements which are Defence Nuclear specific while completing their vocational qualifications in preparation for their role within the DNE.

The opportunities will sit within the DNE, which sustains the UK’s strategic deterrent and includes the organisations, programmes, and people within government that help support that task. Opportunities are currently available in Bristol and Helensburgh, however locations are under review and it is likely that a wider range of locations will be included in future recruitment campaigns.

Individuals are employed on a Fixed Term Appointee contract at the Apprenticeship Pay Scale for Administrative Officer level. The apprentice salary is currently under review but in 2021–22 was £20110 per annum. All costs involved in the apprenticeship including travel and IT costs will be covered by us.

The full apprenticeship programme takes 5 years to complete at which point successful individuals have the opportunity to become permanent employees.

Apprentices will be supported throughout their programme by a Training Adviser familiar with the sector, who will visit the workplace regularly, providing the link between the academic studies and workplace learning, and addressing any issues that may arise during the programme. Apprentices will also have support from their tutor, their placement managers and the DNE People & Skills Apprenticeship Management Team throughout the programme.

There will be a further round of apprenticeship recruitment will take place this year. Updates will be provided on this site ahead of further recruitment, and any adverts for positions will be posted on the Civil Service Jobs website. If you have any further questions or want to find out more, please contact us at DNO-DNE-Talent@mod.gov.uk.




DefenceHQ is the official corporate news channel of the UK Ministry of Defence.

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DefenceHQ is the official corporate news channel of the UK Ministry of Defence.