Horstman Group: A small business with a big impact

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Horstman provides world-leading design, manufacturing and innovation, in heavy armoured and tracked vehicle suspension systems. One of their most recent contracts was for the Boxer, the next generation all-terrain armoured fighting vehicle for the British Army.

Horstman was also recently awarded a multi-year contract for the refurbishment and upgrade of Hydrogas® to a 3rd generation suspension unit for main battle tank, recovery and engineering variants as part of the Heavy Armour Automotive Improvement Programme (HAAIP).

Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank

Feeding into the new Challenger 3 Main Battle Tank, this award follows many years of production and support to the British Army’s armour fleet including Warrior, AS90, Terrier and the design of the original Challenger Hydrogas®.

Ian Pain, CEO Horstman Group said:

“This was a very competitive contract to win and we are excited that we were able to secure it.”

Horstman is proud of a long heritage of providing combat mobility solutions in support of the modern British Army including Warrior, AS90 Self Propelled Gun, Terrier and the design of the original Challenger Main Battle Tank Hydrogas®.

This close relationship started in the 1920’s when the originally patented Horstman bogie was applied to light tanks to solve issues with ride and handling, and then continued through the war years on the Universal ‘Bren’ Carrier that was to become the most widely produced tracked armoured vehicle of the time.

The design of suspension systems is closely linked to the combat capability of the vehicle. A good ride means that gunnery is more accurate and that troops arrive at their destination fit to fight, it also prolongs the life of electronic and computer equipment on the platform by minimising shocks and vibration. For specialist engineering vehicles the suspension also has a key contribution to missions that need the platform to be stable, like digging, lifting and mine clearing. A reliable and durable product reduces the logistics footprint needed to keep the battlegroup moving.

For more information about Horstman please visit: https://horstmangroup.com/about-us

Horstman Group are just one of many small and medium sized enterprises and entrepreneurs that contribute towards a more advanced and well equipped UK Armed Forces.



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