Black History Month: A Time For Change

Black History Month — Powerful Stories of Amazing People

This Black History Month we celebrate black service personnel throughout history and to this day.

Follow along as we share the stories of some incredible people and their contributions to the UK’s Armed Forces.

Corporal Ondieki

In her day job, Corporal Ondieki works as part of the Staff and Personnel Support branch at the King’s Royal Hussars, providing vital administrative and financial support for personnel. But during the pandemic she swapped desk work for distributing COVID-19 tests in Liverpool

“I’m usually sat behind a computer. I look after 85 personnel, making sure that they are paid correctly. I also keep up with their movements and ensure that they get any allowances they are entitled to.”

When asked about why she joined the Armed Forces Corporal Ondieki replied:

“I joined the Army at 26 which I felt was quite late compared to my colleagues. I finished my masters and worked for a period, but I felt my job to be quite repetitive. It was something I always wanted to do and I felt that if I didn’t, I would probably regret it later on.”

Read more about Corporal Ondieki’s work on COVID-19 testing here.



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