Military planners, logisticians and specialist personnel including dog handlers were among those who deployed to the country to ensure the safe evacuation of British nationals and entitled Afghans.

Personnel from the UK’s high readiness force, 16 Air Assault Brigade, are working in Kabul this week to ensure the safe movement…

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (in Berkshire) has been admired all over the world since the 1800s — the name changed from The Royal Military College to Royal Military Academy in 1947.

It is where ambitious soldiers and civilians enter eager to pass out in the Sovereign’s Parade a year…

Boots on the ground is key to this operation.

The patrol helped the peacekeepers understand the problems and security concerns within local areas.

Their presence also helped to reassure the local population that the United Nations is here to help. Finally, it will deter any terrorist activity.

The Long-Range Reconnaissance Group (LRRG) is part of the UN Peacekeeping mission in Mali, MINUSMA.

📸 Take a look at what a 28-day patrol in Mali looks like👇

Armed forces from all over began their patrols after receiving a set of orders around model pits that represented the ground they would soon become familiar with.

The teams of eight set off during all hours of the day and night, from 3am to 8pm. The time they set off…

Written by the Commanding Officer of the Long Range Reconnaissance Group (Mali), Lieutenant Colonel Meddings.

Last month the UK’s Long Range Reconnaissance Group rolled back into the UN camp in Gao, Mali, at the end of its most recent three-week patrol, covering hundreds of kilometres and riding out ten desert storms. I parked at the gate and saw them all in.

“None of us had…

A car in front of an aircraft with the RAF logo on it

“There’s a long standing association between the Bond films and the Armed Forces. We definitely call upon them when we need their help, both in terms of possible locations, but also their expertise and advice.”

— Gregg Wilson, Associate Producer

The filmmakers worked closely with the MOD throughout the making…

A stunning lights display envelops HMS Lancaster.

📸 Take a minute, sit back and relax…

That was the case for Type 23 frigate HMS Lancaster, whose crew were lucky enough to witness the stunning Northern Lights display onboard as they carried out solo patrols in the Arctic.

This was the second time that HMS Lancaster has headed out to the Arctic this year, however this…

A Challenger 2 main battle tank leads Warrior Infantry Fighting vehicles over a bridge during battle group manoeuvers in Kosovo (1999).

☕️ Welcome to a behind the scenes look at the fourteenth episode of our podcast.

In the latest episode, join Lance Sergeant Henry, Guardsman Andy, Lance Sergeant Phillips and Lance Corporal Chris as they discuss life in Kosovo, a country in the European Western Balkans.

A woman stands in front of a red and white ship and a landscape of snow and ice

“I had a fear of going into a job and being tied to a desk and doing the same thing every single day in my working life.”

Preparing for the Arctic in the Slovenian mountain

Cold weather and mountain warfare specialists from Yankee Company, 45 Commando headed for the stunning Slovenian mountains for two weeks of intensive training to push themselves in preparation for a challenging winter on operations in Norway.

The marines based themselves at a NATO centre of excellence for mountain warfare, Bohinjska…

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