Located west of the Afghan capital, it’s a place where men and women go from soldier to leader

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (in Berkshire) has been admired all over the world since the 1800s — the name changed from The Royal Military College to Royal Military Academy in 1947.

It is where ambitious soldiers and civilians enter eager to pass out in the Sovereign’s Parade a year later as confident British Army officers.

Its motto, ‘Serve to Lead’ is drilled into every Officer Cadet who passes through.

So, it was at no surprise that when the UK with partner nations committed to building the Afghan National Army Officer Academy (ANAOA), that the Afghans requested that it be…

More than 300 British peacekeepers recently patrolled local towns and villages. Here’s what that looked like…

Boots on the ground is key to this operation.

The patrol helped the peacekeepers understand the problems and security concerns within local areas.

Their presence also helped to reassure the local population that the United Nations is here to help. Finally, it will deter any terrorist activity.

The Long-Range Reconnaissance Group (LRRG) is part of the UN Peacekeeping mission in Mali, MINUSMA.

📸 Take a look at what a 28-day patrol in Mali looks like👇

A woman in a flight suit and helmet sits in an RAF aircraft
A woman in a flight suit and helmet sits in an RAF aircraft
Sgt Smith of the RAF suffers from MS, but that doesn’t stop her serving. Here she rides in a T2 Hawk fast jet.

From chronic conditions to learning disorders - serving personnel, veterans and Defence civilians share their stories

Surgeon Lieutenant Commander Hill

Space Command Operator Badge
Space Command Operator Badge

With UK Space Command recently standing up, find out why space matters and what our UK Armed Forces are doing to safeguard it.

Why Space matters

Captain Smith in Jordan leading the all-female engagement team.
Captain Smith in Jordan leading the all-female engagement team.

Six British Army instructors delivered a two-week training course for soldiers from the Jordanian Armed Forces Quick Reaction Force Brigade

Following an exercise where paratroopers jumped into Jordan in support of the Carrier Strike Group deployment, the soldiers from 16 Air Assault Brigade began to train alongside the Jordanian Armed Forces.

One of the units deployed was a Female Engagement Team led by Captain Smith. Female Engagement Teams can help to bridge cultural gaps and integrate female skills within our partner nations.

We spoke with Captain Smith👇

Humanitarian aid and disaster relief in the Caribbean.
Humanitarian aid and disaster relief in the Caribbean.

The UK Armed Forces are ready to provide humanitarian aid and disaster relief to British Overseas Territories this hurricane season

When the call for help comes, the UK Armed Forces stand ready to respond.

Humanitarian crises and natural disasters can strike at any time, leaving devastation for those affected. Examples of this include flooding, tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes, with many civilians losing their homes and belongings each year during storm seasons around the world.

Disaster relief operations are conducted as a multi-force approach, with government and non-government organisations from nations around the world working as one to help provide support and assistance to those affected.

Humanitarian aid and disaster relief efforts ensure that those who are in need of assistance are provided with the essentials during times of crisis. This includes:

  • Medical kits and…

Tempest and the Future Combat Air System graphic
Tempest and the Future Combat Air System graphic

The MOD has announced it has signed a £250 million contract to drive forward the project to design a future combat air system. But what does this system mean? Find out more.👇

Where we are today


The UK has a long history and relationship with Kenya. Find out how we work closely with our Kenyan counterparts

Outside the UK, the largest number of UK Armed Forces deployments are currently training or on operations in Africa. The UK has deployed many troops to Kenya whether for training or on operations in the form of short-term military training teams.

The UK and Kenya have a long history of working together, enabling troops to head out on operations and exercises and countering threats across the globe.

In a behind the scenes look at the latest episode of our podcast, join our three UN Peacekeepers currently in Cyprus on Operation TOSCA

Welcome to Egypt.
Welcome to Egypt.

Aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth and the UK Carrier Strike Group have recently passed through the Suez Canal

The Carrier Strike Group began the next phase of their maiden global deployment following operations and exercises in the Eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Sea.

The nine ships of the Carrier Strike Group between them visited eleven different European countries, operating alongside allies through a variety of exercises and operations.

Ministry of Defence

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