Three soldiers watching a big screen and smaller screens that is show an aerial view of a simulated battlefield.

3 things to know about the Army Warfighting Experiment

For the past 10 years, the Army Warfighting Experiment (AWE) has brought together industry and military experts to test new technology and improve Army capability. Here are three things to know about it.

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2 min readOct 20, 2020

1. Warfighting of the future

Now in its 10th year, the Army Warfighting Experiment is an opportunity each year to try out industry’s newest and most innovative technology.

Image 1) a soldier explores a Command and Control Shelter; Image 2) a communications suite that helps soldiers co-ordinate information on the ground

This year, AWE 2020 is designed to help the Army identify how it can increase awareness of battlefield surroundings, improve communication when on the move, make deployments more effective, and increase survival of personnel in combat.

Soldier looking at a small mobile device and relaying that information back to other soldiers

2. Direct feedback to industry

Put in the hands of its soldiers, the Army can assess the tech and give invaluable feedback to its inventors. This community of partners between military, academics and industry, work together to solve problems.

Soldier kneeling down beside an armoured vehicle working with handheld technology to relay information to others in the field

3. Modernisation

Through collaborating with industry and academic partners in this way, the experiment supports the Army’s ability to modernise, fight and operate differently.

Soldier handling a small remote piloted piece of technology

Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Intelligence, Un-crewed Vehicles and Remotely Piloted air technology are among the key areas of development.

Soldier holding a piece of technology that shows the battle field on a small portable screen

By exploring and modernising in these areas, the Army is ensuring that it can adapt to emerging threats.

Soldier holding a small remotely piloted aircraft

Find out more about AWE 2020 here👇

Army video exploring the key themes of AWE 2020



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